Please read all specifications and data to insure you know which type you'll need.

Sofa Snap®Models



#910 Flat Fixed Specs

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#917 Compact Fixed Specs

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Installation Instructions

Sofa Snap® Brackets are hidden beneath your sectionals, on the underside.It's easy to install the Sofa Snap® bracket! The Sofa Snap® gets installed on the underside of your sectional, and out of site. The Sofa Snap® device comes in two sections-- the catch fork portion and corresponding angle bracket. All it takes is 6 to 10 screws that are provided to connect your sectional.

  • Determine the model you need- Pivoting or Non-Pivoting

    • Pivoting models adds a safety element to your configuration because you can pivot the fork out of the way when you want to disconnect your sectional.

  • Slide your sectionals together until you hear the Sofa Snap connectors snap!Horizontal Sofa Snap® models are mostly used on Sectionals that have a flat bottom with a wide enough frame.

  • Vertical Sofa Snap® models are used on sectionals that have a thin frame base and the bottom is recessed.

  • Line up two upholstered sections on their side in the configuration you will desire, lay out your Sofa Snap® to allow you to mark screw holes.

  • Be sure to pre-drill starter holes for the screws so you do not inadvertently split the frame. Assemble and screw in the Sofa Snap® into the frame of each respective piece.Ideal location to mount the Sofa Snap® Brackets

  • Continue to assemble each Sofa Snap® until you complete connecting all of your pieces of the Sectional Sofa.

If you are hesitant in performing the task yourself, consider hiring a local handyman or furniture repairman listed in your phonebook. Should you have any questions, please email us at the address below.